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Your global recruitment partner

Matching the right client with the right candidate, Flowtec is focused on the long term viability of each and every placement. Our experienced team understand what it means to truly partner with our clients. We represent the best companies and candidates in return we strive to consistently offer the best recruitment service.

Our divisions

Flowtec is poised to deliver the most challenging and critical positions worldwide. Explore our divisions below to learn more and to get in contact. 

Our services

We guarantee to produce results through our approach to every possible suitable candidate and deliver a quality service throughout.

No Cure, No Pay

Not all processes are improved with a retained or exclusive search, particularly if they are ongoing or you wish to compare Flowtec to your usual practices. In the instance of ‘no cure, no pay’ we will need to understand exactly what you are doing directly and indirectly to find suitable candidates. With this we will tailor our approach in order to enhance certain areas where possible and focus on delivering through unique avenues.
The aim of this route forward is to ensure we contribute towards the hiring process, supporting what you already have in place but also to shed light on procedures that we can improve.


Executive Search and Selection

Our most comprehensive package offers peace of mind in a range of different scenarios where our full dedication and support is required. Every consultant and manager will prioritise your process above all else – scouring the entire span of suitable candidates. Thorough reporting will be provided as well as assessments, detailed background checks and industry opinions to offer you a true insight into the potential employee.
Flowtec’s performance in this service is entirely unblemished. Our consultants will not always propose this solution, only once they know the extent of work required and are convinced that we will accomplish your goal.

Retained Project delivery

Flowtec will combine all the group’s resources and necessary skillsets to produce a tailored solution to match your vision. Incorporating us into your organisation as your global growth partner will yield the smoothest results; whether you are moving a site, employing for a new location, hiring a whole new division or need specific additions due to a large project you have won.
Ultimately, the success of our project and of your business goals are thanks to our clear focus. We also have an extensive second-party supply chain to support niche and difficult to source roles as required.

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